21 Days of Health and Wellness 


  • Would you like to learn about how to be healthy and well?


  • Do you think there are things you could improve in your health to enjoy a better quality of life?


  • Do you want something easy, delivered to your email inbox and that costs very little?


Then this program is right for you.


This 21 Days of Health and Wellness Email Coaching Program consists of content for 21 coaching emails designed to be delivered over the course of 3 weeks. This will provide you with practical information and tools to create a strong foundation for optimal health.


The program focuses on one particular topic each day of the week.


 Each day you will receive an email with a few tips and tools on that day’s topic, and a personal “assignment” related to the tips. This will move you towards taking action and making changes. The basic format of the program is in email (written) form.


Topics covered in this program:

  • Mondays: Weight Management
  • Tuesdays: Cravings
  • Wednesdays: Energy and Mental Clarity
  • Thursdays: Emotional Balance
  • Fridays: Stress Management
  • Saturdays: Mindset for Success
  • Sundays: Progress Checks


The Results:

  • Learn what could be sabotaging your health efforts
  • Have a clear and confident mindset
  • Find out why your body craves certain foods
  • Learn how to reduce stress effectively and have more energy
  • Transition into a healthy balanced lifestyle you can live with
  • Discover what might be standing in your way of weight loss


You will discover that health and wellness feels oh so good!!!!!!!


Buy now at this affordable price of only 19$.

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